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The Fishing Report

El Nino Is Coming!

by Wil Fitzpatrick on 10/13/14

Hey good people!! The Fat Lady won't be singing for a while, as EL NINO will be pushing warm water up the California coast until at least spring say scientists. SO......we now have more poppers from Braid and yozuri with Halco poppers in the next couple weeks! We've also received some of Tady's new Tuna jigs. Come check them out!

Wahoo fisherman ....we also have Raider jigs as well!!

Hey all you Calico Bass guys!! We have a good selection of Reebs lures including a full line of their new persuader SwimBaits, come check these out.....they are SWEET!!!! These Swimbaits are harder and tougher than your regular plastics, so come in and take a look!

Tuna Fishing Is NOT Over!

by Wil Fitzpatrick on 10/07/14


The fat lady started to sing but hit a bad note...Water temps. are back up and boats are back on the fish!!! Local trips 20, 25 and 30lb line is good,while some are going down to 15. We are seeing water temps. pushing 75 degrees! Remember these fish can be caught on a 3/4 day or overnight which is perfect for folks with limited time. COME ON IN and we'll get you set up with everything you need!

San Diego Bait!

by Wil Fitzpatrick on 06/15/14

The Live Bait situation in San Diego:  The San Diego Bait Barge has anchovies in the 3 to 5inch range, so fish these with a size 4 or 2 hook.  The Mission Bay Bait Barge has the same.  Dana Point has 3 to 5 inch anchovies and 7 to 8 inch sardines. These would do well with a 2/0 to 3/0 size hook.

Now get out there and go fishing!

FREE Knot Tying Class! Saturday, June 14, 2014.

by Wil Fitzpatrick on 06/09/14

Tips For Catching Those Fish!

by Wil Fitzpatrick on 03/24/14

Some fishing tips to start your day!

When fishing an area, let's say on the beach, look for structure.  Bait hangs around structure, and fish come to the bait.  Some examples are:

1. Rocks, kelp, and changes in the bottom, such as a ledge or hole. Quite often you can see these holes and depressions by watching the waves.  When a wave flattens out for no reason there might be a perfect deep spot.

2. The trough - a channel that fish travel through and feed in.

3. Rip currents.  Fish will sit on the sides of the current and eat things kicked up.

Think of the ocean as a desert and structure is an oasis, perfect places to catch fish!  You will see fish in other places but they're generally just passing through.

Got questions?  Come on by and let's talk! 

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