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The Fishing Report

Sea Bass Are Here!

by Wil Fitzpatrick on 06/12/15

Ladies and Gentlemen, the sea bass are finally showing up!

The Channel Island boats are finally getting some white sea bass in their counts.  These fish can elude even the best fishermen.
Best bet:  
Dropper Loop - a spider hitch makes the strongest dropper loop (if unsure how to tie this knot, come by the shop anytime.  I'll be happy to show you).

Sliding Egg Sinker - Slide an egg sinker on your line, then tie your hook. When you cast out, the sinker will hit the bottom.  Slowly reel back, and if you don't get bit do it all over again.

A great hook to use is the Mustad big gun or Owner Aki twist hooks in a 5/0 to 7/0 size. These hooks are long shank for packing on Squid and they are strong.

Tady Jigs - Use Tady white jigs with a glow back......these are killer for sea bass!  Come on in and we'll get you all set up!

Smitty's Belts - YES!

by Wil Fitzpatrick on 06/08/15

Just so's ya know --- We are now carrying Smitty's belts!!

 Large Day Belts........$84.99

Small Day Belts........$80.99

Belly Button.............$45.99

Strap-on pad............$12.99

The large and small day belts are great for Yellows to mid sized tuna.  The belly button is an awesome belt for those that fish the rail and need a little help but don't want a big belt.  The pad is cool for your smaller fish, you can even wear it under your clothes.

Come on in and check them out!!

The Right Feather to Troll

by Wil Fitzpatrick on 06/03/15

Anybody wonder about the right feather to troll?

Trolling lures are imitations of Baitfish. There are many different types of heads on these lures, and they are for different purposes.

Jethead: the Jethead is a head that has holes around the edges, so when trolled at high speeds it catches air and makes a bubble or smoke trail.

Budda head and Bullit style-- Great high speed lure for Tuna and Dorado. These are the two most common and they work well!

Remember, the brighter the day the brighter the lure, the darker--be it dark, early morning, evening or overcast use a darker color. Good luck!!   

Looks Like a Great Year!

by Wil Fitzpatrick on 05/27/15

The Saltwater is shaping up almost exactly like last year.
A month ago we had a report of a marlin at San Clemente Island.
The bluefin Tuna haven't left from last year!!
Yellowfin Tuna are getting caught on 3/4 day trips from San Diego!
Barracuda are here.............a month early
Surf Fishermen are doing very well with both Perch and Halibut.
All in all, I think we are in for another year like last year.

El Nino Is Coming!

by Wil Fitzpatrick on 10/13/14

Hey good people!! The Fat Lady won't be singing for a while, as EL NINO will be pushing warm water up the California coast until at least spring say scientists. SO......we now have more poppers from Braid and yozuri with Halco poppers in the next couple weeks! We've also received some of Tady's new Tuna jigs. Come check them out!

Wahoo fisherman ....we also have Raider jigs as well!!

Hey all you Calico Bass guys!! We have a good selection of Reebs lures including a full line of their new persuader SwimBaits, come check these out.....they are SWEET!!!! These Swimbaits are harder and tougher than your regular plastics, so come in and take a look!

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